Tintable Multi-Sheer Fishnet Mini Dress FMDCR-01 (UA)

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Your imagination is the only limit!

Literally! Unlimited colors, multiple sheer and glow levels, full-bright on/off. You can even hide or show the dress with the press of a button.

To see the garment in all its glory, please enable Advanced Lighting Model in the Graphics preferences of your viewer, and switch on the lights of the room you are in. If no lights are present, try our “Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing” (included).

More info on ALM can be found in our free “Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing”:


_________________ N O T E _________________

There is a known issue in SL with sheer apparel and tattoos on mesh bodies. If your skin comes through the sheer at random spots, please first try disabling or temporarily hiding your tattoos. Sometimes, turning tattoos off and on works too.


This tintable, multi-sheer, multi-glow, fishnet mini dress is designed for both standard & mesh SL bodies, along with the following branded mesh bodies: Belleza (Freya), Maitreya (Lara), Slink Physique (Hourglass), and The Mesh Project (TMP). In all cases, shape adjustments may be necessary (see also the note below)!

The rigging for classic bodies conforms to the Standard Sizing female shapes (XXS, XS, S, M, L).

Standard Sizing shapes: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Standard-Sizing-Package-Male-Female/5550342

For more information about Standard Sizing, and the corresponding shape measurements, please read the included Notecard.

_________________ N O T E _________________

Since sheer Alpha Masks for classic bodies are not possible, you may not be able to properly fit the dress on a classic body. However, you may succeed if you find a size that fully covers the body of your classic avatar even when it moves (or change the shape of your body accordingly).

For mesh bodies, if your boobies/booty poke through the dress you may try any or all of the following: a) take off or hide your tattoos, b) take off any boobies/booty Physics you may wear, c) make shape adjustments to the offending spots of your body.


This naughty fishnet dress is worn as one piece and the included ‘HEC Universal HUD’ offers a multitude of options.

First select the dress by name from the top of the HUD.

Endless tinting is achieved via either the color palette (hue & saturation) and the vertical slider (brightness), or any of the preset basic web colors, or any of the colors you have already saved in the Saved Colors swatches. The Current Color preview swatch also works as a colorization button for the selected face (useful for applying the same color to the next face). To reset the dress back to its original tint, click on the Reset button located right below the vertical slider.

The Sheer Level buttons offer high sheer, semi sheer, low sheer and default sheer options. The Glow Intensity buttons offer 5 levels of glowing (including “no glow”). The Show/Hide and Full-bright buttons work as On/Off switches.

Please see also the included ‘Sample Universal HUD Visual Guide’ picture (the actual HUD may look a bit different, but the functionality remains exactly the same).


This is a Materials Enabled, 100% mesh item. It looks best with Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) enabled in the Graphics preferences of your viewer.

All our photos are shot with Advanced Lighting Model and at least one local light source enabled.


  • HEC Universal HUD – Endless tinting and a multitude of other options for any individual face or the whole dress at once. A general visual guide showing a sample HUD is included as a stand-alone texture (the actual HUD may look a bit different, but the functionality remains exactly the same)
  • 5 Rigged mesh sizes (conform to the Standard Sizing female shapes) – XXS, XS, S, M, L
  • 1 Fitmesh Belleza size (Freya)
  • 1 Fitmesh Maitreya size (Lara)
  • 1 Fitmesh Slink Physique size (Hourglass)
  • 1 Fitmesh TMP size (The Mesh Project)
  • Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing (you need to unpack it separately) – 3 body-lights for testing HEC apparel when Advanced Lighting Model is enabled in the Graphics preferences of your viewer.

All product pictures are genuine representations of the depicted items as they appear in-world. Normally, and especially for materials-enabled products, we enable the Advanced Lighting Model setting located in the Graphics preferences of our selected viewer. Please consider doing this in order to have the same effect.


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