MEG Cutout-Prints Top Tintable D/ PACK NTFL-02d

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The top is meant for Female Dominants who like to make a private or a public statement. However, the included HUD-Driven NO PRINT variants may be worn by everyone.

To see the garment in all its glory, please enable Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) in the Graphics preferences of your viewer, and switch on the lights of the room you are in (or use our free Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing).

• 2 Alpha Models (A-BLEND: realism A-MASK: compatibility)
• 2 Cup Fabrics (Solid, Fishnet)
• 5 Female Dominance cutout-prints + 1 no-print preset (for each Cup Fabric: 12 presets in total)
• Unlimited Colors
• Multiple Sheer Levels (only for A-BLEND models)
• Multiple Glow Levels
• Strip button (Show/Hide)
• Inventory, Screen & Lag Friendly (1 item/size, 1 HUD, 1 script)
• Materials Enabled (Full use of Advanced Lighting Model)
• Branded Mesh Avatars (Belleza, eBODY Curvy, Maitreya, Slink)
• Detailed Realistic Textures
• 100% Mesh • Fitmesh

Quality Mesh Fashion


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