BRIE Silhouette Pumps

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To see the garment in all its glory, please enable Advanced Lighting Model in the Graphics preferences of your viewer, and switch on the lights of the room you are in. If no lights are present, try our “Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing” (included).


Fit (High Feet only):
• Belleza
• Maitreya
• Slink (should also fit compatible feet: eBODY, Tonic, etc)

Decoration Friendly (not Available in Demo)
A “Decoration Friendly” (DF) version is also included as a separate pack, allowing bloggers & photographers to rez and re-position/rotate each foot individually.

• Original Detailed Textures
• Materials Enabled (full use of Advanced Lighting Model)
• 100% Mesh/Fitmesh

HUD Driven:
• Pair & Single Foot Customizable (PAIR, LEFT, RIGHT)
• 5 Parts per foot (vamp, insole, platform, sole, heels)
• 10 Mix & Match Presets (black, blue/silver, purple/gun, cherry/copper, red, pink, bronze, lemon, green/gold, pearl/cream)
• Show/Hide (PAIR, LEFT, RIGHT)
• Multiple Sheer Levels (mix & match)
• Multiple Glow Levels (mix & match)
• Full-bright On/Off (mix & match)

Quality Mesh Fashion

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