(SCRIPT) • General Purpose Giver SCRIPT

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NOTE: This is a script! Use it to make your own custom Giver object! (an example untextured Giver is included in the pack, see below)

How to join HEC group@mainstore: bit.ly/2Pm9qoG


• User configurable (via prims’ Name and Description fields)
• Very low lag (Ideal for busy places: stores, clubs, events, etc)
• Works alike with single and multi-prim objects (Make your Giver as simple or as advanced as you like)
• 3 Access Modes (Public, Group, Owner – either as a whole, or each button separately)
• 4 Mutli-Item Giving Types (All items, All notecards, All landmarks, All objects)
• 7 Singe-Item Giving Types (Notecard, Landmark, Object, Any item, Group joiner, URL loader, Message sender)

HEC – General Purpose Giver EXAMPLE (NO TEXTURES)

This is an example multi-prim Giver object included in the pack, to use it as a starting point. It is fully functional (using mostly HEC related info & items) but the prims are NOT textured.

It consists of a gray root-prim and 8 button-prims linked on it, colored as follows:

• White = Welcome message
• Orange = Notecard giver
• Yellow = Landmark giver
• Blue = Group joiner link (in private local chat)
• Cyan1 = Marketplace URL Loader
• Cyan2 = Website URL Loader
• Green = Freebie giver (works for everyone)
• Fuchsia = Group Gift giver (it needs the group the Giver is set to)

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