HEC StripMe+ : New line of clothing (Interactive Striptease

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We are pleased to announce our new HEC StripMe+ line of clothing!
Full docs : HEC StripMe+
See Clothing line on Marketplace (moderated content)

Introducing HEC StripMe+

Not your ordinary Undress Me experience. We worked hard to bring you features not seen anywhere else yet.

Upcoming products advertised with the StripMe+ logo will utilize our very own striptease-interactive functionality.

StripMe+ enabled items can get stripped in stages by you, or your chosen ones. They support Genitals auto show/hide and Bidirectional Custom Emoting per strip-stage, along with thorough Access Control. Everything can be turned off.

They communicate with our regular HEC HUD (Universal or not), meaning that among other things you can change their sheer and glow level on-the-fly.

The first StripMe+ item (ROSY Leopard Set) is planned for release on Sunday, January 26th, 2020.

Sneak peek 1: gyazo.com/5e350d2ee1c62023e67f3b6647c9dda2
Sneek peek 2: gyazo.com/68908dbe605785dd6e33b013fc27c176

For all features and Q&A, please read the online documentation.

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