(GROUP GIFT) • Visual Buddy

Get it: Here
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How to join HEC group: bit.ly/2Pm9qoG
How to scroll the GIFTS vendor: bit.ly/2PncD7M

To get the gifts, activate your HEC group-tag, left-click on their ad pictures and choose Deliver from the menu that pops up (or right-click on the ads, and Pay the 1L. It will get auto-refunded immediately)

Visual Buddy is a HUD utilizing mainly a control-bar above a display-prim. The main idea is assigning up to 6 pictures on the display-prim (one per side) and then instantly switch to any of them. You can have an infinite pool of pictures, but only 6 assigned at any given time.

It supports Square pictures only, with Aspect Ratio 1:1, but it also supports offsetting for 2×2 and 3×3 grids realized as single textures.

It comes with detailed instructions and fullperm template & sample textures.

EXAMPLE-1: 2×2 texture (from HUD)

EXAMPLE-2: 3×3 texture (from UUID)

EXAMPLE-3: 1×1 texture (from Hard Disk – Local)

Quality Mesh Fashion

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