Black Friday Sales (50% OFF Storewide)

HEC • Black Friday Sales (50% OFF Storewide)

In-world Mainstore Only: Here
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NOV 26th (4:00 am SLT) – NOV 29th (11:59 pm SLT)
Promo items & Gift Cards are excluded!
Vendors are already discounted (to verify, left-click any vendor -> Next -> Discounts).

HEC Group NOT required (but unlocks more than 35 quality gifts).

Quality Mesh Fashion

(Teleporthub GROUP GIFT) • AIKO Risque Kimono

Get it: here
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Teleporthub Group key: 0ceeb685-fd83-1c3d-1de6-16a72517f4f6
Join Fee: 10L (at the time of writing)

The gift is available via a dedicated TeleportHub scrollable vendor, along with the previous teleporthub gifts. The vendor is located in the GIFTS room, with a TeleportHub group-join panel below it. To get the gifts, join the TeleportHub group, use the scroll-arrows of the vendor if needed, click on the vendor picture and choose Deliver.

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FAY LOVE Thigh High Strapped Gaiters BLACK FATPACK

Fatpack and Slimpacks are sold separately
Main gaiters are always black, with changeable hearts or no-hearts. Fatpack includes all heart colors, Slimpacks include no-hearts and single-color hearts. The straps base & metals are endlessly tintable in all packs.

Get it: Here
Try it: Here
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