Currently we don’t have an open bloggers application. However, if you are interested in blogging for us, please first read our Bloggers Guidelines further below, and if you are ok with them please contact anistasia.pixelmaid (bloggers manager), dimplelegs Resident (bloggers/facebook manager), or hjh69 Resident (general manager), via an SL in-world Notecard (IMs get capped).

You can find all HEC blogged items gathered together, in our Flickr galleries (photos) and in our Google+ collection (posts).

So far, we are privileged to have our items blogged by the following amazing bloggers (in alphabetical order of blog title)…

Thank you!


  • Gwen’s FreestyleBlogFlickr – (gwendolyn beverly) *

We are also privileged to have previously worked with the following amazing bloggers…

  • Aisle Aura BlogFlickr (aisle.aura)
  • All About Second Life by YaniBlogFlickr – (Yani Dabutan) –
  • Biah Sabb BlogFlickr (biahmore)
  • BOBBIE EDENBlogFlickr (Bobbie Eden)
  • Bonita’s ClosetBlogFlickr – (bonita_luminos)
  • Carmentis PhotographyBlogFlickr – (Carmentis Resident) –
  • Charm’s ClosetBlogFlickr (Charmingho Ho)
  • ღCαทτiทнσ ∂α PαρρατyღBlog –  Flickr – (Patricia Bravitz)
  • Cocktail ClothesBlogFlickr – (Aly Solano) –
  • Cordelia McMasters | BloggerFlickr
  • cherry’s Style – BlogFlickr (ςђєяяч’s Ⓢʇץℓǝ)
  • Destiny MynxBlogFacebookFlickr – (Destiny Mynx)
  • Fashion on Stylight – BlogFlickr (melledd1980.riddler) *
  • Fashion & ModaBlogFlickr – (Seya fashionmoda)
  • FEVER PITCH BlogFlickr (Melly Clarrington)
  • Freya’s Second WorldBlogFlickr – (Freya April)
  • Gata CitronFlickr (Gata Citron) *-
  • I ♥ my DesignersBlogFlickr – (Amelie777 – SL ♥ [Blogger])
  • INSTINCT IN FASHIONBlogFlickr (Tha Gushiken)
  • Jadey Zimermann – Blog – Flickr – (jade.silverblade) *-
  • Jaida’s BlogFlickr – (Jaida)
  • Jewelstyle Second LifeBlogFlickr – (Jewel Doune)
  • Karumi Admiral – Blog –  FacebookFlickr – (bianquinha.admiral) *
  • Kim Rose Blog – Flickr (amyrose.mcandrews)
  • KUSHEDforealBlogFlickr (Megg WiseLatte)
  • LISAMELINNA FASHION BlogFlickr (Lisamelinna) *
  • Lori NovoBlogFlickr – (Lori Novo)
  • Lord Wasabi SL fashion arenaBlogFlickr – (Lord Wasabi)
  • Maye Neisser – BlogFlickr – (mayelai)
  • MOFO StyleBlogFlickr – (mofo_style)
  • nekostaciaFlickr – (Stacia Reinoir)
  • Nergalia Nekro – Blog – Flickr – (♣♦ Lilly von Nekro ♦♣) *-
  • Pretty Woman CrazyBlogFlickr (🌷🌸 Celina Kitai 🌷🌸) *-
  • RosieBlogFlickr (ritakii)
  • __R_O_Y_A_L_S_BlogFlickr – (kamriona) *
  • ♥Sara Leimes Blog♥  – BlogFlickr (Sara Leimes) *
  • SL Fashion BlogBlogFlickr – (Kamyla Taelynn) –
  • Soulier RougeBlogFlickr – (sarah.alcove) *
  • Virtual NightMare Styling – BlogFlickr – (kare Karas)

Thank you!

Bloggers Guidelines

These guidelines are not strict rules, just a common point of reference. We are always open to discuss anything that troubles you, and above all we’d like you to have fun. Thank you!

♥ Generally we estimate that 3-4 posts per month is a reasonable rate (more is always welcome *giggles*). We do consider imperative that HEC items at events will always get blogged. Nevertheless, if you think it’s too much, please let us know how many posts you think you can handle per month (hopefully not less than 2 per month). It may help you to know that currently we rarely make more than 3-4 items per month.

♥ The HEC Bloggers group is our current means of “mass” communication. We consider self-explanatory that all of you angels follow the group notices, hence getting the posted items too. If for some reason you think you can’t blog a posted item within 10-15 days from the date it appears in the group, please let us know (for event items, we would appreciate it if you blog about them within a week or 10 days max).

♥ All HEC Bloggers Packs include a Notecard called “HEC to bloggers …”, with detailed info about the items they contain. Please feel free to contact hectic1 for any extra information you may need.

♥ If you (don’t or) can’t post at least the event items every month, and you haven’t let us know what the problem is, we will contact you via a Notecard or via Flickr mail, asking what troubles you. If you don’t get back to us within a few days we are very sorry but we will have to remove you from the group without any further notice. We’ll be happy to invite you back when you are ready again 🙂

♥ When you blog a HEC item, notify us about your post by sending a group-notice to the HEC Blogegrs group (you all have group-notice rights in that group). Also, you should add/tag “hec-fashion” and “slhjh69” on your flickr photos.

♥ In the end of each month we expect your Monthly Report posted in the group (a notecard listing your blog & flickr links of all HEC related posts).

♥ We can also invite you to the public HEC group as a blogger, meaning you will have group-notice rights there too. This way you can let the whole public group know about your post. Please let us know if you are interested.

Provided you notify us about your posts, and that you have set the right permissions for us to do so (it’s totally up to you), we include your work in our HEC Blogged (Thank you!) galleries on Flickr, and in our HEC Blogged (Thank you!) collection on Goggle+.

♥ All of you amazing angels appear in the HEC website’s Bloggers page, in chronological order of joining ( If there is any information about you that you would like us to add or remove, please let us know.

♥ Most (if not all) HEC items come with unlimited colors, and SL materials especially made for their specific fabrics (bumpiness and shininess). They look best when you have the Advanced Lighting Model setting enabled in the Graphics preferences of your viewer, with at least one light source directed to the item. For best results in showing off the item details where the light hits, set the item’s color to a darker tone but not too dark (pitch black for example may hide fine details in fabric-texture, seems, wrinkles, etc).

♥ If you have trouble in setting and/or adjusting light sources during your photo shoots, you can try wearing one of our free HEC – Body Lights for ALM Testing. They are included as a separate box in most of our products, but they are also available on Marketplace:

♥ We hope you understand that if the guidelines are repeatedly not followed without reasonable explanation, we’ll have to remove you from the groups (3 strikes is all we can afford).

We deeply Thank you! for your support!