HEC WetAware (Water Interactive Clothing)

(Wet/Drip Dry)
previously known as WetSense


1. INTRODUCTION ( Limitations)
2. WETAWARE HUD ( Auto Dry, Dripping, Settings)
3. PRIM WATER EXTENSION for pools, lakes, etc ( Installation, Dev Requests)
4. Q&A

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WetAware Enabled items are getting wet in the water, and gradually drying when out of the water, with optional dripping (drip dry).

Their names in the inventory start with “HEC WA”, to distinguish them from HEC RO and regular HEC items.

They come with a dedicated HUD, giving you control on both effects: AUTO DRY and DRIPPING.

It takes them a few seconds to detect whether you are entering or exiting the water.

They also work in pools, provided the pool owners are using our WetAware PRIM WATER Extension. As an added bonus, their pools will also be freely swimmable, via a few free Swimming HUDs (see the PRIM WATER EXTENSION section, below).

Not all HEC items are WetAware Enabled, only the ones advertised as such (look for the WetAware logo or relative text on their ads).

The following video demonstrates all the features.


  • Do not change the attaching point of WetAware Enabled items, else the dripping will be totally misplaced. Dripping is unrigged, so it can’t be accurate with all possible moves/poses and body shapes. Always try the demos first!
  • WetAware and HEC RO may co-exist in the same item, but they should not both be enabled at the same time. One of the 2 should be disabled, at any given time (for WetAware, this means setting AUTO DRY to OFF (Wet) or OFF (Dry), while for HEC RO it means to lock or mutelock your non-hidden item).
  • Similarly, if a WetAware enabled item also offers sheer-leveling via its regular HUD, make sure that AUTO DRY is turned off in the WetAware HUD when using a sheer-level other than opaque.
  • WetAware Enabled items use semi-sheer textures (especially for the wet looks) meaning they are set to alpha blend mode. They may visually conflict with other overlapping/underlying semi-sheer items (tattoos, hair, garments, etc). This is a known problem with SL’s graphics engine. If the other items offer you a choice, try setting those to alpha mask mode.

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2. WetAware HUD

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To minimize the HUD click once on the WetAware logo. Click again to restore it.

To close the HUD, right-click on it, then select Detach.

Auto Dry

It controls the timing of the wet/drying process, along with the looks of the fabric.

You can change the time between drying-stages (defaults to 60 seconds). Currently, items dry in 2 stages, so if time is set to 15 seconds, it will take them 30 seconds to go from total wet to total dry.

To enable AUTO DRY, set a predefined drying-stage time (green icons on the HUD), or use the Keyboard icon to type in a custom value (always in seconds).

To disable AUTO DRY, use either one of its 2 red OFF buttons:

  • OFF (Wet): Fixates the item to total wet
  • OFF (Dry): Fixates the item to total dried.


Set by default to AutoSense, DRIPPING controls if and when your WetAware item will drip. You can also change the color of the droplets (they are intentionally a little bigger than expected, so people can see them from a longer distance).

  • OFF: Always disabled (your item will never drip).
  • AutoSense: Dripping will follow the AUTO DRY time-cycle (drip during drying, stop when fully dried).
  • ON: Always enabled (your item will always drip).
  • COLOR: Change the droplets color to clear, aqua, blue or dark-blue.


  • 💬: Toggles the VERBOSE mode. When enabled, it prints informative messages in your private local chat window.
  • SHOW: Prints current settings in your private local chat window. If your item is currently drying, it also prints the time remaining to fully dried.
  • RESET: Resets everything back to default settings


  • Disabling AUTO DRY when DRIPPING is set to AutoSense, will also change DRIPPING to Always Off (not affected if it is already Always OFF or Always ON). In that case, remember to set DRIPPING back to AutoSense, if needed.
  • Setting DRIPPING to AutoSense when AUTO DRY is disabled, will also re-enable AUTO DRY.
  • To be able to see the dripping, make sure that “Max particle count” is set to a non-zero value, in the Graphics Preferences of your preferred viewer.

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3. PRIM WATER EXTENSION (for above-ground pools, lakes, etc)

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Owners of above-ground pools, hot tubs, spas, fountains, lakes, pods, or any other construction containing prim-water, can make it WetAware READY with our WetAware PRIM WATER Extension Gift.


As an added bonus, your prim-water will also become freely swimmable, via any of the following free Swimming HUDS:

Note that Swim HUDs often fail to detect entry or exit from the prim. For best results, always turn off your AO and turn on the Swim HUD before you enter the water. Also try to enter the water either by walking or by jumping into it (usually when one of those fails the other succeeds).

It’s NOT Mine Cleanup

Optionally, your prim-water can also become compatible with the It’s Not Mine Cleanup system, by Something Different.


click to enlarge

The extension pack includes the “hec-wetaware-PRIM-WATER” script and 2 semi-transparent “HEC WetAware PRIM-WATER” prims (which already contain the script).

The difference between the 2 prims, is that the one having the “INM Cleanup” phrase in its name contains a 2nd script, for additionally cleaning up any kind of mess done on you by the It’s Not Mine system. If you don’t care for INM Cleanup, you may use the other prim (the less the scripts the better).

If your pool-water is already an unlinked single prim, all you have to do is to drag the “hec-wetaware-PRIM-WATER” script into its contents.

Otherwise (or if our script conflicts with other scripts already present in your pool-water prim, or if you need INM Cleanup functionality), follow these simple steps:

  • Rez the HEC WetAware PRIM-WATER prim near your pool. For INM Cleanup functionality you should rez the prim having the phrase “INM Cleanup” in its name.
  • Adjust the shape of our prim and move it so it barely covers all 3 dimensions of the water in your pool (length, width, and height).
  • Set the Transparency of the prim to 100% (invisible)
  • For complex shapes, see the NOTES below

You are all set!

WetAware READY Logo

click to enlarge

You may use the included “WetAware READY logo” texture or one of the 2 modifiable logo prims, to advertise the new functionality of your non-linden water.

One of the logo-prims is unscripted, while the other presents an options menu on touch, offering online docs, LM to HEC main-store, etc. Use whichever suits you best.

When modifying the logo prim, keep its aspect ratio to 2:1 (or check the “Stretch Both Sides” option and resize it by its corners).

Dev Requests

If you are a creator wishing to make your prim-water creations WetAware READY and sell them directly, please contact hectic1 in-world, by dropping her a notecard. Please be ready to provide info about your store, which must be at least 6 months old and already selling at least 10 prim-water related items.


  • If your pool has a complex shape, first try to place the HEC WetAware PRIM-WATER prim just below the surface of your pool-water. Expanding it beyond the pool-water length and/or width (so it covers all irregularities) should be fine, as long as you keep it inside the surroundings of the water.
  • Else try to reproduce your complex pool-water by linking together single-prims, then drag into the contents of the root prim our “hec-wetaware-PRIM-WATER” script (hallowed or cut prims will not work). However, this method is more likely to have trouble working when the avatar swims from one linked prim to the other.

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Q1: Can I disable WetAware altogether?
Q2: Can I wet/dry my item permanently?
A: Yes! Set AUTO DRY to OFF (Wet) or OFF (Dry), depending on the looks you want your item to stay at (wet or dry, respectively). This will also set DRIPPING to Always OFF, automatically.

Q: Can I wet/dry my item temporarily?
Yes! Set AUTO DRY to OFF (Wet) or OFF (Dry), respectively, then set DRIPPING to AutoSense.

Q: Can I manually trigger WetAware in pools that are not WetAware READY?
A: Yes! Every time you enter the pool, set AUTO DRY to OFF (Wet). When you exit the pool, set DRIPPING to AutoSense.

Q: Can I set my item to never or always drip, regardless of AUTO DRY?
Yes! Set DRIPPING to OFF or ON, respectively.

Q: Can I set DRIPPING to AutoSense, when AUTO DRY is disabled?
No! As soon as you set DRIPPING to AutoSense, AUTO DRY gets enabled automatically.

Q: Why are the droplets that big?
This is intentional, so they are visible from a longer distance.

Q: Why sometimes dripping gets misplaced, especially when I am posed?
Dripping is unrigged, so it can’t be accurate with all possible moves/poses and body shapes. This is also the reason you should never change the attaching point of your WetAware Enabled items.

Q: Can I see how much time is left until my item gets completely dried?
Yes! While still drying, click the SHOW button under Settings, and watch your private local chat.

Q: Why sometimes WetAware fails to start/stop/show its effects?
A: Mostly due to excessive lag, or random SL glitches. It is more likely to happen in WetAware READY pools (non-linden water). Also, make sure that “Max particle count” is set to a non-zero value, in the Graphics Preferences of your viewer (else you can’t see the dripping).

Q: Why Swimming HUDs do not always work in non-linden-water pools?
A: Mostly due to SL providing unreliable ways of detecting non-linden-water (unless we stuff the script with some heavy calculations). Try to get out of the pool, turn off and then back on the Swimming HUD, then enter the pool again (it is also recommended to always keep your AO off when using any Swimming HUD).