About & Policies

We are starting over, since our previous business partnership ended beyond our control. As experienced creators in Second Life, we are dedicated to offering high quality products at competitive prices. Above all, customer service is our first priority.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Marketplace Store


All vendor pictures on Marketplace are genuine representations of the depicted items as they appear in-world. Normally, and especially for materials-enabled products, we enable the Advanced Lighting Model setting located in the Graphics preferences of the viewer. Please consider doing this as well in order to get similar results. Thank you, and if you like a product, give it a review. It is greatly appreciated.

Reviews on Marketplace

Please give us the chance to help you with any problem you may have with any of our products, instead of leaving a bad review on Marketplace. Contact us and we will try our best to solve the issue. This is also the suggested and encouraged practice by Linden Labs themselves.

Please, read also our Refund Policy, further below on this page. Thank you!

In-world Main Store & Group (SL)


Still work in progress. However, as we grow, several gifts, promo offers and sales will be available in-world only. Visit us and join our group, for announcements, news, etc.

Group Info: secondlife:///app/group/e4fdbc94-2461-4114-48d9-51973e26798f/about

Web Presence

Website/Blog: https://hecfashion.wordpress.com/
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hec-fashion/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/117931834845290569684
Facebook (group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1671523596261998/


Owner: hectic1
General manager: hjh69
Bloggers managers: dimplelegs, BobbiEden
Facebook manager: dimplelegs

Contact Info


To contact us, please send an in-world Notecard to resident: hectic1 or to resident: hjh69

If we do not reply within 48 hours, please re-send your Notecard.

Please include your purchase transcripts if you are contacting us about one or more products you have already purchased from us. Second Life keeps a record of all your transactions for 32 days. They are listed in your ‘L$ Transaction History’ under the ‘Account’ menu when you log-in to the Second Life official website.


Please see our Bloggers page.


For anything related to our Facebook group please contact resident: dimplelegs

Pricing Policy

Our product prices are subject to change at any time. However, we are dedicated to offering high quality products at competitive prices!

Product Updates

We have a lifetime free updates policy for all our products. When purchasing a product, you are automatically eligible to receive any future updates for said product.

Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds on products due to fitting concerns since demo versions are offered. Please try before you buy! We will always try our best to solve any issues you may experience with our products, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any other issues, products may only be refunded if they don’t conform to their advertising features/functionality, and if they cannot be fixed within a week from the complaint date.